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The importance of advertising

The advertising campaign for shaping the corporate brand image, enhance product visibility, as everyone knows. "Advertising is not a panacea, but one cannot do without it." Therefore, the annual CCTV advertising tender is always so busy. But it is just large enterprises patent, we most of the small and medium-sized enterprise can only watch helplessly as the people spending billions of dollars secretly admire people courage, lamented their weakness. We all know that the enterprises in the CCTV on ten million following advertising, what is almost no effect. However, tens of millions of advertising, not every business can afford. So many small and medium-sized enterprises can choose more suitable for their own time of advertising. In fact, the big enterprise advertising drop out of money, small business advertising to better reflect its value. If you do not believe, you can find a layman to shoot advertising, spend thirty million in the CCTV launch, and then in conjunction with local media bombing and promotion, the effect is not worse than those of the big production. Small and medium-sized enterprises to do advertising, but also carefully to do. In addition to mass media advertising, in addition to a form of advertising can not be underestimated. That is the multimedia advertising, the enterprise through the planning of the production of multimedia advertising. Enterprise promotional film is not just the production of a compact disc so simple.
     The ultimate goal of enterprise production is to spread the corporate image, sell the product. It requires more than just a picture of the fine, the content of vivid, more requirements to be able to unify the corporate image and product characteristics. This multimedia promotional features into a small, targeted audience, flexible playback location. Enterprise publicity from the content there are two main points, one is the corporate image, the other is a direct product. The former is the integration of enterprise resources, unified enterprise image, enterprise information transfer. It can promote audience understanding of the enterprise, enhance the sense of trust, so as to bring business opportunities. And direct product is mainly through the scene with the three-dimensional animation record, vivid display features and using method of production process, outstanding products. In order to let the consumer deeply understand the product, create a good sales environment. The direct use of corporate videos include: site promotion, project negotiation, exhibition, bidding, investment, product launches, unified channel product image and promotion mode etc..

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