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Explain the basic principles of advertising industry

As we all know, advertising is to be divided in principle, then the principles of advertising what is it? Today, Chengdu advertising company to explain the one one!         (1) the principle of authenticity       

The authenticity of the advertisement includes the following contents: firstly, the advertisement must be based on the fact, and it is the basis of the fact. Secondly, advertising should be based on the letter, emphasis on credibility. Finally, the advertising content should be complete, both the advantages of products, but also to the public in accordance with the specific circumstances of the necessary advice.      

(two) ideological principles        

Advertisement must have thought content exactly, not nonsense, vague and superficial.      

(three) the principle of artistry Advertising art is refers to the advertisement must use art, photography, songs, music, poetry, drama, dance, calligraphy, painting, literature and art, such as rich and colorful art form, the vivid expression of the theme. The artistic nature of advertising to the authenticity and the value of the added value of ideas, to give vitality. The more vivid image of the art of advertising, the more creative, the more will be infected with the public, resulting in greater advertising effectiveness.

 (four) the principle of mass First of all, advertising should be simple, easy to understand. Secondly, all around the public, for the sake of the public, stand in the public stand up thinking and action. Finally, advertising must be popularized to the public. Mass advertising is advertising social effect, advertising is not only advertising production personnel or creative personnel and creative inspiration, and must be ads placed on the mass of the evaluation system of atmosphere, to most of society or the target market of the most acceptance to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of advertising.

(five) the principle of Science Advertising is the development of society, economy and communication technology, which is produced and developed, based on the laws of the market economy and the laws of the spread of science and technology. Advertising workers must follow the scientific principles, methods, techniques and methods to carry out the operation and management of advertising activities. At the same time, we must make full use of modern science and technology and means to make qualitative and quantitative research on the advertisement from the macro and micro level.

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