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The definite meaning of advertisement

Advertising is a means to convey information to the public through a certain form of media, in order to a particular need. Advertising has a broad and narrow sense, broad sense of advertising, including non economic and economic advertising. Non economic advertisements that do not profit for the purpose of advertising, also called effect of advertising, such as government administrative departments, social institutions and individuals of various announcements, notices, statements, main purpose is to promote; narrow advertisement refers only to economic advertising, also known as commercial advertising, refers to profit for the purpose of advertising, usually is an important means of information exchange between commodity producers, operators and consumers, or enterprises occupying the market, selling products, providing services of important form, the main purpose is to increase economic benefits. Advertising advertising concept (Guai Houtt ng g, O), English: Ad (abbreviation), nature of advertisement advertisement is spread, is the soul of advertisement of creativity. Advertising a word, according to research is a foreign language. It first comes from the Latin advertere, which means to pay attention to the induction, propagation. The Middle English period (ca. 1300 - 1475), evolve into advertise, its meaning derived for "enable sb. 's attention to something", or "other people notice some things to cause the attention of others". Until the end of seventeenth Century, Britain began to conduct large-scale commercial activities. At this time, the advertisement is widely popular and used. At this time of the "advertising", has not only refers to an ad, and refers to a series of advertising activities. The concept of a static object, the noun Advertise, is given the modern meaning and transformed into "Advertising" ". Chinese characters are derived from the Japanese advertising. Webster's definition of advertising: advertising is to point to in strengthen the sales of goods through direct or indirect ways, to transmit a doctrine or information, called to attend parties and gatherings, and other intentions to carry out all reported sexual activity (Webster's Dictionary edition 1977) form. In modern times, advertising is considered to be a form of purposeful information that is delivered by the media rather than verbally. It aims at raising the demand for goods and for production or sales.

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