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The difference between advertising and news


The term "attention", "induction", and so on, is a means of arousing public attention to a thing, and inducing it to be used in a particular direction. < > inside the dictionary explanation Advertising: a way to introduce a product to the public or to report on service content or entertainment. Through newspapers, radio, television, projector, window layout, product display and other forms. Line". Journalism: The news is a reflection of objective existence, is the fact that the latest report. It is the origin of the fact, the fact is the first of the news is the second, but not all the facts can become news, Because the news is objective and change the fact that close contact together. The difference between advertising and news: One of the basic characteristics of the

1 news is born with fresh, which extends the news quickly timely request. However, advertising is not, it has no freshness and timeliness requirements. As long as advertisers Willing to pay, no matter how long the advertisement content occurred at a time, or there is no product can advertise. The process of changing the

2 news in fact, does not change the fact that it is not news, but it is not advertising this requirement. The same product, can be in a different time and rieden advertising.

3 the same news reports can only be posted once, but the same advertising is not affected by this potential limitation.

4 published news can not get the reward to the object being reported, and the media system, social responsibility, occupation moral and other aspects of the constraints, and advertising is a paid activity, also do not like the news like A lot of restrictions.

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