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Advertisement creativity: connotation, principle and method

First, the connotation of advertising creativity

(a) what is advertising creativity. With China's sustained economic growth, market competition expending and escalating competition, commercial has begun to enter the "intellectual" war period advertising from the former so-called "media war", "into the war" rise to the competition of creative advertising, "creative" has become China's advertising industry's most popular common words. "Creative" means "creativity" in English, which means creation, creation and creation. "Originality" from the literal understanding is "to create the image of the meaning", from this level to dig, then the advertising creativity is between advertising planning and advertising performance of the art of the idea of. According to the theme of advertising, through careful thinking and planning, the use of art means, the materials used to create a combination of creative, in order to create an image of the process. In short, the image of the theme of the advertisement. In order to better understand the "advertising creativity", it is necessary to explain the idea, image, image, artistic conception. "Idea" refers to thoughts and ideas, in the artistic creation, the idea is the work to express the ideas and views, is the core of the content of the work. In the advertisement creativity and the design, the idea namely the advertisement topic, it is refers to the advertisement in order to achieve some kind of special purpose and to explain the idea. It is invisible, the idea of something, must be a certain form of tangible things can be expressed. Any artistic activity must have two aspects: one is the objective thing itself, is the object of art performance; two is to show the image of the objective things, it is the means of artistic expression. And the idea that the two are organically linked together is the idea. In the process of artistic expression, the choice of image is very important, because it is the symbol of the information of the objective things. On the one hand, it is necessary to accurately reflect the essential characteristics of the performance, on the other hand, it must be understood and accepted by the public. At the same time, the image of the novelty is also important. In the creative activities of advertising, the author also tries to find the appropriate artistic image to express the theme of the advertisement.

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